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  • Machine Learning Engineer
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    Our product Hubgets handles real-time communication flows for companies of all sizes. The product wants to help users become more productive and happy @ work, by offloading time consuming and frustrating tasks to the computer - as automated as possible.

    In this position, you will essentially help Hubgets become smarter and better serve its users.
      Design and implement unsupervised algorithms to process real-time communication data (phone calls, instant messaging, emails, presence, activity etc.)
      Provide insights that can be used by users to improve their performance as part of the analytics platform
      Provide insights that can help users make faster decisions without having to dive into peers and/or old data
      Contribute to Hubgets' technical vision
      Coordinate with other teams in regards to the managed components

    What You Must Know

      BS/MS in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related technical field. PhD degree is considered a plus.
      Proficiency in C/C++, Python or Java
      Excellent understanding of machine learning concepts
      Excellent understanding of algorithms and data structures
      Practical knowledge of multiple machine learning algorithms and when to select an algorithm based on a given problem
      Experience with diving into data, finding insights, and presenting them
      Experience in dealing with high performance, real-time scoring/classification
      Experience in handling very large datasets of information
      Practical experience with Spark. Storm experience is considered a plus.
      Experience with deep learning tools such as Theano is considered a plus.
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  • Product Manager
    Product Management
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    Are you the human version of a Gantt chart? Do you have the knack for planning, supervising and delivering results? If so, let's plan a meeting already!

    We're looking for a talented product manager with global experience with software to keep a close eye on our product. Alongside a great time, you'll handle full life cycles for our software. Your knowledge and vision will have a huge impact on our products and services, so we'll take good care of you 😊

    If this sounds like something you'd like to get your hands on, come on over. We're ready to meet.
      Develop and document features, requirements and user scenarios
      Gather, analyze and prioritize requirements from users
      Manage product backlog - review, edit, and prioritize features and bugs
      Create wireframes and other illustrations in order to gather feedback and demonstrate intended product functionality
      Research market to identify new opportunities, product directions, features, integration
      Define, monitor and react to key product metrics
      Support product marketing with appropriate resources
      Identify and coordinate freelance resources when additional resources are necessary to meet objectives
      Work with colleagues and users to identify, define, refine and document features
      Coordinate product development activities such as UX, development and SQA

    What You Must Know

      BS/MS in Computer Science or related technical field
      Relevant product owner, management or product design experience
      Strong understanding of branding and marketing concepts in order to manage and grow the product post release
      Strong IT background with good design taste
      Ability to organize and analyze large amounts of data in order to take the best decisions
      Extremely high attention to details in language, usability, and design
      Ability to drive initiatives to the end result
      Articulate and persuasive, while being able to listen and incorporate the perspectives of others
      Equally comfortable taking personal ownership for a task and delegating it
      Experience with user testing, data analysis, and multivariate testing
      Capable of constructing detailed wireframes that optimize user experience and conversion
      Ability to fast investigate/understand third-party products in order to identify integration opportunities
      Experience with global market is required.
      Experience with online projects is required.
      Experience with browser based apps is considered a plus.
      Previous work experience in startups (or startup teams) is considered a plus.
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  • Product Marketing Specialist
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    Yup, we're after an expert in product marketing who will own the development and execution of marketing and communication for the entire range of UC software products. If you think that existing communication and collaboration tools do not offer exceptional value in a business environment and want to help people communicate better at work, this is your job.

    We are looking for an awesome marketer who begins by understanding the problem, finds the solution and is able to articulate a focused, direct message that can be easily understood by millions of the companies worldwide. In this position, you will:
      Work closely with Product Management and Engineering to build product positioning and messaging
      Build and implement innovative campaigns to drive new customer growth
      Generate high quality content for prospects, evaluators, channel partners, such as: landing pages, videos, tutorials, ads, blog articles, tutorials
      Discover new marketing channels and review the existing ones to increase conversion rate at each stage of the sales funnel
      Analyze product marketing metrics and report them to PM
      Analyze returns to assure human and capital investments are delivering a great yield

    What You Must Know

      BS/MS in marketing, communication or technology field
      At least 3 years of global marketing experience
      Excellent understanding of product marketing
      Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      Excellent decision making capabilities, ability to prioritize between opportunities, balance customer needs with business priorities, and articulate the rationales behind decisions
      Strategic vision and proven ability of execution
      Ability to work collaboratively, especially with software developers
      Extremely detail-oriented
      Creativeness and conscientiousness
      Marketing experience with software products is a big plus.
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  • Sales Account Manager
    Sales & Customer Service
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    The Sales Account Manager will join the Sales team that deals with thousands of customers and leads in over 60 countries. You will be in charge with executing the sales strategy in the front-line of customer acquisition on the global level.

    Communication takes place through phone, chat, email or direct contact. On this job, you will:
      Build business by identifying leads, establishing contact and developing relationships with them, and converting them into paying customers
      Maintain relationships with customers and leads by providing information and guidance and by researching and recommending new opportunities
      Identify improvements for products and services by staying updated with technology trends, market activity, and competitors
      Conduct sales presentations and training

    What You Must Know

      Experience in IT service sales
      Excellent written, verbal, and documentation skills in English
      High level of motivation for sales and ability to meet sales goals
      Great presentation and speaking skills
      Good analytical skills to understand the challenges and problems that customers face so they can identify opportunities for a sale
      Highly customer oriented with great ability to establish and maintain relationships
      Highly organized, capable to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, while being able to prioritize tasks appropriately/as needed
      Excellent speaking skills of Spanish, Portuguese, or German are considered a plus.
      Very good technical skills are considered a plus.
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  • Senior Engineering Manager
    Product Management
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    You will be responsible with leading the team of engineers in charge with the life-cycle of all our products and services. As a key member of the Product Management team, you will leverage your technical and management skills to coordinate the engineering teams.
      Prioritize projects and manage technical resources
      Work with technical team leads to drive forward technical decisions for projects
      Own development and shipment responsibility for projects
      Oversee architecture and critical implementations, product and code quality
      Coach and develop leadership skills of technical team leads

    What You Must Know

      BS/MS in Computer Science or related technical field is mandatory.
      3+ years of experience in Engineering Management
      Strong architecture skills with proven experience in Cloud based products
      Strong working knowledge of modern software development methodologies and software design patterns
      Strong programming background
      Exceptional ability to communicate technical concepts effectively
      Excellent problem solving, judgment and decision making skills
      Experience working with multiple engineering teams with very different skills
      Experience with building mobile apps is considered a plus.
      Experience with communication and collaboration software is considered a plus.
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  • Senior Hardware Integration Engineer
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    Is your ideal world automated, filled with sensors and interactive bots powered by an AI driven cloud engine? Do you want to help building this world?

    Hubgets is working on a very interesting project that might have a huge impact on humans -- robot communication. Join our new hardware team, Internet of Bots is coming.
      Design and iterate on the Hubgets Internet of Bots communication platform
      Design and prepare prototypes
      Solve production challenges, automate testing
      Integrate hardware with the software stack

    What You Must Know

      Automatics, Electronics or Computer Science graduate
      Very good electronics knowledge with focus on digital
      Very good hardware prototyping skills
      Very good embedded software understanding
      Very good understanding of general microcontroller concepts
      Good understanding of sensors
      Good PCB design skills
      Hobbyist skills are considered a plus.
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  • Senior Program Manager
    Product Management
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    As a Senior Program Manager, you will be responsible with all phases of programs from inception through completion, including cost, schedule, and performance. You will drive design and architecture, manage execution, influence management and teams to deliver superb products and services.

    You will work in the Apps Product Management team, which is in charge with the life-cycle of all 4PSA products and services.
      Define and implement projects and programs in conjunction with the technical teams
      Acts as primary customer contact for program activities
      Establishes design concepts, criteria and engineering efforts for product research, development, integration and test
      Direct the work of colleagues and contractors assigned to the program
      Coordinate design and developers to create seamless and engaging user experiences
      Responsible in providing the centralized planning, direction, and control required to meet the cost, schedule, and performance goals throughout the life-cycle of assigned programs
      Monitor, update, and report on program performance and status
      Work closely with the team leaders and technical managers to identify the staffing and resource needs for current and future projects

    What You Must Know

      BS/MS in Computer Science or related technical field
      3+ years of experience in Program Management
      Experience with online projects is required
      Strong executive presence and proven excellent verbal and written communication skills
      Excellent problem resolution, judgment, and decision making skills required
      Ability to work on multiple projects with conflicting priorities at the same time
      Exceptional technical competence and strong analytical skills
      Common sense with "good design" taste
      Self-motivated with a demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment
      Strong cross-team collaboration skills
      Equally comfortable taking personal ownership for a task and delegating it
      Experience with online projects is required
      Experience with building apps in the cloud is considered a plus.
      Experience with building mobile apps is considered a plus.
      Experience with building online presences is considered a plus.
      Experience with communication and collaboration software is considered a plus.
      Previous work experience in startups is considered a plus.
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  • SQA Automation Software Engineer
    Testing Automation
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    If SQA is more like your second language, you should be on our team. Because we make teamwork fun and that needs to be thoroughly tested before making its way to the Cloud 😉

    Hubgets delivers instant team communication and collaboration through real-time voice, video, messaging and knowledge management in the browser. For that reason alone, doing SQA for Hubgets is an adventure. Not to mention the kicks we get out of testing stuff that runs on infrastructure with many hardware nodes and millions of records 😻 To get an idea of how much we value SQA, you should know we've used PHP and JavaScript (Node.js) to build our own testing stacks that handle several types of testing (functional, performance, volumes, security etc.) while provisioning resources in the Cloud.

    Want to get in the game with us? Come on ever, we're ready to meet.
      Design, develop, and maintain automated software tests for Cloud core backend and frontend components
      Maintain and develop the testing stack
      Design and implement software that performs profiling
      Document software functionality and adjust documentation according to test results
      Suggest functionality improvements
      Coordinate with peer teams to isolate and investigate issues that appear in production environments
      Run performance and load tests in a distributed environment
      Write examples and demos for developer level documentation

    What You Must Know

      BS/MS in Computer Science or related technical field
      Scripting language knowledge is highly recommended
      Understanding of system under test, test suite, test case concepts
      Analytic and research oriented, extremely high attention to details
      Good knowledge of Linux OS
      Basic SQL knowledge is required, NonSQL databases knowledge is considered a plus
      Good programming skills in PHP or JavaScript (Node.js) are considered a plus
      Experience on performance/scalability testing is considered a plus.
      Experience with Linux profilers/debuggers is considered a plus.
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  • Technical Support Engineer (Level 1)
    Professional Services
    Romania / Bucharest

    What You Will Have to Do

    Are you an inquisitive techie? Do you love to help and your communication skills go way beyond saying "Did you try turning it off and on again"? 😊 If so, you might just be our next Level 1 Technical Support Engineer.

    As part of our Professional Services team, you'll provide basic troubleshooting support for end-users. You'll understand their issues, offer basic fixing tips or escalate it to your teammates on Level 2.

    If helping out customers with their technical support inquiries sounds like bliss to you, we're eager to meet you. We've got some tickets lined up for you 😊
      Deliver web-based, email and phone technical support services in English
      Handle technical support issues according to internal working procedures, whenever raised by customers
      Complete and maintain updated information on trouble tickets
      Work in rotating shifts

    What You Must Know

      At least one year of experience as a customer service representative
      Very good English skills - written (excellent), spoken (excellent)
      Strong communication skills and empathy
      Proactive approach to problems
      High attention to details
      Good organization skills, must be able to multitask
      Analytical and inquisitive, good troubleshooting skills
      Linux operating system knowledge is considered a plus.
      Basic knowledge about network protocols is considered a plus.
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