4PSA Client Backup 3.5.0 Release Notes

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Table of Contents

Version History
Contact and Support
10 minutes
It will take about 10 minutes to an intermediate user to read this document and follow the steps highlighted here.


Installation can be performed using the Command Line installation script (see this article for more details).

Version History

What's new in 4PSA Client Backup 3.5.0 release 081210.01

[+] Plesk 9 compatibility
[+] New operating systems supported
[+] New RPM distribution format
[+] New VZ templates
[+] Added resellers support
[+] Simplified license management
[=] Paths to Linux binaries are taken from cbackup.conf
[-] Bug fixes


[+] new feature
[-] bug fixed or removed
[=] bug fixed or improved functionality

Contact and Support

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